Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

New in

everything - H&M

Last week I've bought these two rings and the necklace. I love the first ring - it is so cute.
Tonight I'll watch the first part of "the girl with the dragon tattoo" from Stig Larsson. I've heard that the movies (and of course the books) are awesome.
Have a great sunday evening.


  1. That first heart ring is so cute! The claw with ball ring makes me remind me of my childhood. My sister had one and cause i wanted to be like my sister i always stole it haha. Nice new things.

  2. great necklace, looks a bit visious but i like it!!
    Rianna xxx

  3. My sister swears I should read those books, but I haven't had the tine, you just reminded me I need to get down to business!

  4. the necklace is AMAZING!!! the books are ok, the first one is really good and the others are ok. The movies aren't great (sort of tv-movie quality) but still enjoyable!

  5. LOVE the necklace! I have a ring similar to the second one but mine is from Forever21. :)

  6. The heart ring is very cute!
    Love it,


  7. Really awesome pendant! Thanks for your comment on my blog! what do you think if we follow each other? if you want leave me a comment! Kisses see you here


  8. Love the necklace with the claws! Is it really h&m? never thought they'd feature cool stuff like this!
    If so, I'm definitely in for a short ride to H&M in the city centre, haha!

  9. OKAY i am like in loooove with the necklace!!!

  10. I have seen this necklace before. It is such a lovely piece.

    Squeeze The Pug